Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Come show everyone how fat you got at Thanksgiving!

John Harris (Thing X) hosts standup comedy with this amazing lineup:

JEFFREY JOSEPH (Comedy Central)
MYQ KAPLAN (Letterman, Conan)
NIMESH PATEL (Broken Comedy)
MATT RUBY (Hot Soup, We're All Friends Here)

at Legion Bar

for FREE


I love you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Due to a myriad of events crossing over many generations, Glaser, Klein, and Lawrence have had to reschedule.  So many sad faces.


ADAM NEWMAN and MATT KOFF have been added to tonight's show because they are great and we love them.  Here come quick bios!


Newman is a super funny dude who has been on John Oliver's New York Standup Show and hosts a fantastic evening at UCBEast called "Big Long Sets" where comedians do big, long sets.  


Koff is also a super funny dude who was on the premiere Cashmere and we are so happy to have him back.  He performs standup all around the city when he is not trying to get a Roomba.

See them TONIGHT with Jon Cohall and Bob Powers
790 Metropolitan Ave

off the Graham stop on the L

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tuesday September 25th at Legion!

So CASHMERE has moved venues.  No longer at Bedlam, we are now located inside LEGION at 790 Metropolitan Ave.

Did you hear that?  We're off the L now, friends!  Right by your apartment!  Or your friend's apartment that you should bring to Cashmere!
And we're all in luck cause these comics are so, so, so good.

JON COHALL (Disaster Comedy)
NIKKI GLASER (You Had to be There)
JESSI KLEIN (Comedy Central Presents)
MIKE LAWRENCE (John Oliver's New York Standup Show)
BOB POWERS (Happy Cruelty Day)

I just felt an extra heartbeat typing those names.


Ok, I saw Cohall at a show one year ago.  There was no mic.  The bar kept getting phone calls.  The stage was falling apart.  And he killed.  I am so happy to finally have him on.

Earlier this year, he did some improv in a Ouidad ad with Ilana Glazer.

And he is a regular on Disaster Comedy.

ALSO, he is the one that recommended LEGION so we should all individually thank him for that on Tuesday, September 25th at 8pm.


I'm going to start with Glaser's present.  MTV is making her podcast with Sara Schaefer into a tv show.  That's happening.  

Glaser's recent TV pickup of You Had To Be There is so exciting.  And guys, you have to go there.  If you live in NYC, I highly recommend going to a taping.  It's difficult to keep your mouth shut, because they are having the most relatable conversation in the world three feet away from your face -- still it is so much fun and a really special thing.

Glaser has also been on Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show, and many panel/talking head series for vH1 and MTV.

This video is still one of my all-time favorites.

You can follow her on Twitter, where she has the best background photo ever, and Tumblr.


Jessi Klein!!!!  

Klein has written for I Just Want My Pants Back, Saturday Night Live, Michael and Michael Have Issues, etc.  She has appeared on Best Week Ever, SNL, MMHI, Chappelle's Show, and of course her half-hour special on Comedy Central.  

Charming and witty, Klein is a frequent guest on panel shows such as Graham Norton's Would You Rather and NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me.

Follow her on Twitter if you want to laugh.


You could see Mike Lawrence every night of the week and see a different show each time.  Lawrence is a comic who adds new and improvised jokes seamlessly into his written set.

He headlined at Caroline's this summer with past Cashmere comic, Matt Koff, opening.

Lawrence has been seen on John Oliver's Standup Show twice and had his premiere on Conan this year.

This is Conan telling Lawrence "that was fantastic."

Follow him on Twitter !!!


At the end of 2010, Splitsider posted an article featuring the best humor writing of the year.  Bob Powers was featured not for one piece, but his entire blog, Girls Are Pretty.  I spent weeks reading all the way back to his first post, and continued thinking in second person for nearly a month.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING ALL OF IT.

If you've been unlucky enough to stand next to me while Powers has a microphone in hand, you know I resemble someone having a seizure when actually I am just laughing uncontrollably.

Powers has also written the books The Terrible, Horrible Temp-To-Perm DebacleThe Werewolf's Guide To LifeHappy Cruelty Day, and You Are A Miserable Excuse For A Hero -- which made Paul Feig, creator of Freak and Geeks say, “You are a miserable excuse for a person if you don’t buy this hilarious book. Bob Powers is some kind of comedy genius or something. Frankly, I’m scared.”

Some really terrific things he's written outside of Girls Are Pretty (why are you still reading this?  you should be reading Girls Are Pretty right now) this year:

His Twitter is also hilarious.

You can see all these comedians and host John Harris at Cashmere for free!  September 25th 8pm at LEGION, 790 Metropolitan Ave -- off the Morgan stop on the L

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Added!

We have a special visitor from out of town, very excited to announce he is joining this month's lineup.


He lives in Los Angeles and has all the Manswers.  (He wrote them.)

I first saw Kokkinos at a WHIM Quarterly show, hilarious and straight up fun.
He reminded me so much of George Duffy -- very happy dudes, very full of Pokemon knowledge.  Also, insightful...

Almost 1,000 retweets!

Kokkinos can be heard on the podcast International Waters hosted by Jesse Thorn and
quite a few of his own.

Check him out on Tumblr and Twitter before you see him live August 28th at 8pm in the back room of Bedlam.

It is always good to see what Kokkinos is up to since he does great, fun things like this 3D standup set...

And improvises career-based songs on his nieces' singing show...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special Guest Host JOE GARDEN


Here he is, our special guest host...


Prepare yourself for strong feelings of inadequacy.  I'm about to tell you all about Joe Garden.

Garden worked as the features editor at The Onion -- this means American Voices, Stat Shots, Infographics, etc.  He began writing at the paper in 1993; also co-authoring several Onion books, and creating characters such as Jim Anchower and Jackie Harvey.  If you have questions about the paper (and want to laugh) I suggest this interview with Garden and Megan Ganz.  

With his comedy writing collective, Action 5, Garden has written three books.  The Dangerous Book For Dogs, The Devious Book For Cats and The New Vampire's Handbook: A Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night, all available for purchase.  Get 'em in time for the show!  

Outside of writing, Garden voiced Phil Cabinet on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Played the character Dennis in the critically-acclaimed film Big Fan alongside Patton Oswalt, and appeared in the comedy star-studded documentary The Aristocrats.  This year, Garden directed Ryan Williams' Stand-Up Showcase for The Untitled Webseries That Morgan Evans Is Doing.

If you'd like to enjoy Garden in podcast form, he has been a guest on Paying Dues hosted by Brian Heater and Alex Scordelis, Wonderful, Thanks hosted by Ramsey Ess and Adam Maid, and The Commercials hosted by Dave T. Koenig and Ken Pond

On top of this busy schedule, Garden also runs the successful bodega, Joe's Cold Beverages.  Garden posted a photo of the recent remodelng done earlier this summer.

Those of you lucky enough to attend the Pendulous Breasts Quarterly event last year already know of Garden's talent for rhythm N rhyme N wearing an American flag diaper.

Follow him on Twitter and come quiz him on monkey movies August 28th at 8pm in the backroom of Bedlam for free!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 28th Show with Special Guest Host

This month we have a wonderful group of comedians and a very special guest host.  So let's start the introductions.

Everyone, please say, "Hello" to...

  • Kate Berlant
  • Eric Drysdale
  • John Harris
  • Damien Lemon
  • Brent Sullivan


First met Berlant at her weekly comedy show in the freshly preserved Cake Shop.

Still have the postcard of this -- what an amazing flyer

Last month, Berlant was named one of
TimeOutNY's Three Comics to Watch, alongside last month's Cashmere guest, Michael Che; and in May, Berlant opened for Reggie Watts in Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom.

If you've heard me talk about Berlant, you know that I am a fan (read:obsessed).

Christopher Guest, if you are reading this (you are not), I strongly advise you watch the following video.  You will find your newest star.

You can follow Berlant on Twitter and Tumblr.


From January to May 2010, I had the best five months of my life interning at The Colbert Report, where Drysdale has been a writer since 2005.  Before that, Drysdale wrote for The Daily Show for six years.  That's right, he is one of the funniest, smartest people on the planet.

Full Paley Center playlist here:

More recently, Drysdale answered questions on SplitSider about writing for both shows.

Last year, Drysdale premiered The Man With F.E.E.E.T. - an original View-Master adventure-comedy.

Honored to be a part of this picture alongside Meg Driscoll.

It was listed in TimeOutNY's Best Comedy of 2011; and is now available for purchase.

The recording is narrated by John Hodgman and features an outstanding cast including past Cashmere guest Amber Nelson.

And if that's still not enough Drysdale for you, you can listen to him on the always entertaining You Had to be There hosted by Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser -- now a show on MTV!

Also, this hilarious video...

Windertech - watch more funny videos


Photo by Daniel J Moody
Before really moving to New York, some friends took me to a packed show called Tell Your Friends.  This was my introduction to John Harris.  He read a series of one-liners that are difficult to remember because I almost couldn't hear them over the sound of my own laughter.  All I know is, they were dark and they were very funny.

Harris has been a Senior Writer at The Onion and I used to deliver his paychecks at IFC's Onion News Network.

Last year, Harris created Pendulous Breasts Quarterly.

A zine with contributors from 30 RockThe Colbert ReportThe OnionThe Onion News NetworkVanity Fair, and The New Yorker -- along with the amazing Kate Beaton and Bob Powers.  A hard copy with great texture can be purchased here.  If you bring it to the show you might get an honest autograph like this one...

A piece written by Harris for PBQ was featured on SplitSider.  He is also the regular host of Cashmere!  You can see him being funny at Bedlam on the last Tuesday of every month.  Check him out in real life and on Twitter.


Until May's Broad City Live, I had only heard Damien Lemon's voice.  This is because the first show I saw him in was so packed, the stage was not visible.  It is more than possible that he looks familiar to you though because his face has been EVERYWHERE this year.

His recent television appearances include Comedy Central's Russell Simmons presents The Ruckus, MTV's Hip Hop SquaresYo!  MTV Raps Classic Cuts, IFC's Bunk (video below); and Lemon is a cast member for the second season of MTV2's Guy Code, earning him this spot in Times Square.

And if you want you can still see him on the big screen in The Amazing Spiderman.  Quite a summer, including this week when Lemon headlined at Caroline's.

In the past, Lemon has opened for legendary greats such as Dick Gregory and Aretha Franklin, also the always amazing Hannibal Buress.

You can follow Lemon on Twitter and Tumblr.


One of my biggest regrets in life is that I have only seen Brent Sullivan's slideshow about his fake online profile as a make-up artist (who only does cat make-up on humans) once.  This was part of his set when I saw him at Big Terrific, and only the beginning when it comes to Sullivan.

He made his television debut on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham; and his web series, It Gets Betterish, co-created with Eliot Glazer, has been featured on basically every site that discusses comedy, including this Huffington Post interview that made me cry (and laugh) and the fantastic Blackbook Magazine article by Tyler Coates.  It was named one of Serial Optimist's 5 Web Comedies to Watch and for good reason.

See here...

You can see all of these comedians and the special guest host at Cashmere on Tuesday, August 28th in the back room of Bedlam 8pm FREE!

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